A Study on the Future of Company Law: Artificial Intelligence in Company Management

Res. Asst. Dr. Sevda Bora Çınar*

Artificial intelligence technologies are on the way to create a new commercial order and understanding that will shake up the traditional structure of corporate law. In particular, the efficiency and speed of artificial intelligence technologies that automate decision-making processes have led companies to tend to use these systems both by developing and marketing them and by incorporating them. In this way, this self-sustaining cycle has led companies with strong capital structures to move towards the field of artificial intelligence, and the scope of research has been gradually expanded. This orientation in companies and the high potential of rapidly developing artificial intelligence technologies to affect traditional company structures have revealed the necessity of conducting an examination on the future of company law.

This study focuses on the use of artificial intelligence technologies in company management and its legal consequences, and the subject is examined under four main sections. In the first part, the interaction of corporate law and artificial intelligence technologies is examined. In this section, the effects of digitalization on corporate law are discussed, especially within the framework of the transformation in company structures and conflicts of interest. In the second part, the use of artificial intelligence technologies in company management is examined as a process. In this section, where the acquisition of artificial intelligence technologies suitable for the company and the methods of using these technologies in company management are investigated, starting from the decision to use, all technical, legal and commercial expectations and uncertainties are investigated. The third chapter focuses on the legal consequences of the use of artificial intelligence technologies in company management and how the law will be affected by this transformation. In the last part, there is an interactive section that includes a decision tree design with thoughts on the future of management.

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Key words: Company management, artificial intelligence, board of directors, digital transformation, informatics law.

* Akdeniz University Law School, Department of Commercial Law