Tort Liability in Multinational Corporate Groups: A Comparative Analysis with Particular Focus on Turkey
November 2023, Wednesday

Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are important actors in today’s global economy, with the power to impact the masses through their activities. National legal systems remain insufficient to regulate the activities of MNEs, which operate worldwide, not only in the countries where the parent companies reside (home country), but also in countries where the subsidiaries operate (host countries).

Dr. Pınar Kara

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Crowdfunding Platforms Under Capital Markets Law
October 2023, Wednesday

Crowdfunding is a financing method that enables persons to obtain funds for a project via internet, by collecting small amounts from a relatively large number of individuals, without traditional intermediaries (such as banks) for profit, cultural or social purposes...

Res. Asst. Defne Kahveci

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Regulation of Digital Markets from Competition Policy Perspective: E-Commerce Law and Draft Amendment of Turkish Competition Act
October 2023, Wednesday

The increased importance of digital platforms for society and the ability of large digital platforms to cause considerable harm to consumers and businesses, thereby harm innovation, put pressure on the lawmakers to regulate the competition problems associated with digital markets...

Prof. Dr. Kerem Cem Sanlı & Att. Dr. Cihan Doğan

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An Examination of Distributed Ledger Technology Based Negotiable Instruments Regulations in Switzerland
September 2023, Wednesday

The Swiss DLT Law, along with its implementing regulations, came into effect in 2021. Its aim is to establish a legal framework for DLT for the transfer of rights through this technology. Rather than creating an entirely new law for DLT, it was deemed sufficient to amend existing laws, making them compatible with DLT, based on the belief that current regulations are adequate...

Asst. Prof. Dr. Özlem Ata Polat

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Related Party Transactions in Joint Stock Companies
September 2023, Wednesday

Special regulations regarding related party transactions aim to prevent transfer of the corporate assets to related parties, and thus, prevent exploitation of all the stakeholders of the company by the controlling shareholder(s) and manager(s).

Dr. Bahar Şimşek

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Insurance of Members of the Board of Directors Who Are Not Shareholders in Joint Stock Companies
August 2023, Wednesday

The insurance status of board members of the joint stock company is regulated by the Social Insurance and Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510...

Att. Necip İlker Karaoğlan

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Corporate Board Crises & Remedies at Turkish Joint Stock Companies
July 2023, Wednesday

Corporate boards may face different types of disputes and/or internal conflicts. These disputes may evolve into board crises...

Dr. Umut Metin

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A New Era in Private Supervision in Light of German Law Practice: Contractual Private Audit
July 2023, Wednesday

...negative consequences of the statutory special audit have led to the emergence of a new type of special audit under German law. This type of special audit is the contractual special audit. The purpose of the contractual special audit is to minimize the damage caused to companies and shareholders by the statutory special audits...

Res. Asst. Burcu Karakuş Erbaş

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The Legal Validity Issue of Explicit Consent Given by Job Applicants in the Recruitment Process
June 2023, Wednesday

One of the main problems encountered in the processing of personal data in the workplace is the validity of the explicit consent given by job applicants who are concerned about not getting the job...

Att. Hazar Can Kıpçak

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The Board of Directors’ Overall Supervision Duty and Power in Joint Stock Companies
June 2023, Wednesday

Various regulations are stipulated in the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 in order to spread the corporate governance philosophy to joint stock company managements. In particular, the provisions introduced to make the boards of directors more effective in the management of the company, the special arrangement of some of the inalienable and indispensable duties and powers of the board show the goal of professional management...

Dr. Yurdal Özatlan

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Transformative Power of Corporate Law
May 2023, Wednesday

While corporate social responsibility has only recently entered the radar of Turkish business world, it has been both a topic of discussion and an aspiration since the birth of corporate law...

Att. Dr. Deniz Okuyucu

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The Newest Form of Precarious Work: Digital Platform Work
April 2023, Wednesday

With the transition from the industrial society to the post-industrial society, the employment contract has started to go beyond its previous boundaries. During this period, atypical forms of work characterized by flexibility and reduced security emerged. In the era of Industry 4.0, platform work has joined these forms of work...

Dr. Hazal Tolu Yılmaz

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