Reforming Investor-State Dispute Settlement: The Investor’s Perspective

In the seminar titled “Reforming Investor-State Dispute Settlement: The Investor’s Perspective” at the Koç University Law School on 7 March 2020, contemporary issues regarding investment arbitration were analyzed especially in light of the issues and expectations of the investors. In this event, Andrew T. Clarke, who is the executive counsel of ExxonMobil International Limited, UK shared his experience with participants. Some of the subjects that were talked about in the seminar were the reasons for the establishment of the investment arbitration regime, bilateral investment treaties, elements that are taken into consideration by investors when investing in foreign states, ICSID investment arbitration and contemporary perspectives regarding changing ICSID rules. The Q&A session moderated by Can Yeğinsu included the questions of the participants to Andrew T. Clarke on investment arbitration and culminated in a discussion regarding recent approaches.