Law Innovation and Technology Series – 2 – Artificial Intelligence and Law: Liability and Intellectual Property

July 9, 2021

On October 30th, Dr Francisco Elizalde from IE University Madrid and David A. Simon from GW University Wahsington, gave a seminar on “Artificial Intelligence and Law: Liability and Intellectual Property.” This seminar was part of a series entitled “Law, Innovation and Technology Seminar Series” initiated by Koç University Law School in Spring Semester 2019. In this seminar Dr de Elizalde presented his perspective on the legal problems that may arise in terms of contractual liability from the use of artificial intelligence. The issues discussed in the seminar included the outputs of the research conducted by Dr de Elizalde as for his Jean Monnet module on “Legal Liability of Robots: A European vision for a new Legal Regime (LEGROB).” Dr de Elizalde firstly explained the European Union Commission’s insistence on envisaging new liability rules that may apply to contracts formed through use of high technology such as artificial intelligence. He illustrated how existing rules may be inapplicable by referring to examples such as smart contracts. He also explained how automated technology and internet of things that may affect liability consumer protection rules in cases where the consumer may not have given real consent to the contract.