The European Commission 2016 Progress Report on Türkiye (in Turkish)

The Law Faculty has organized a panel on the 2016 Progress Report on Türkiye of the European Commission on December 7th, 2016. The panel was composed of three speakers: two legal scholars from the Law Faculty, Prof. Dr. Bertil Emrah Oder and Asst. Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ayata, and an international relations scholar from Middle East Technical University, Prof. Dr. Atila Eralp. As the first speaker of the panel Prof. Dr. Oder focused on the fundamental rights and freedoms issues identified in the 2017 Progress Report and drew attention to the Commission’s criticism of democratic institutions in Türkiye. The second speaker Asst. Prof. Dr. Ayata emphasized the democracy and rule of law shortcomings of the Turkish economy as depicted by the report. Finally, Prof. Dr. Eralp analyzed EU- Türkiye relations from a global perspective and discussed possible future scenarios. In the last stage of the panel, an interesting and lively Q&A session was held with the audience.