Workshop on Turkish Approach to International Tax Topics (Joint Organization with International Fiscal Association Turkish Branch (IFA Türkiye) (in Turkish)

Speakers: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emrah Ferhatoğlu, Asst. Prof. Dr. Gülşen Gedik, Erdoğan Öcal  

Workshop Content: In Turkish tax law, besides individual efforts and researches, the Turkish approach on various international tax topics has not deeply and comprehensively established until now. In order to contribute on such an academic work, Koç University Faculty of Law jointly organized with International Fiscal Association Turkish Branch a workshop titled “Turkish Approach to International Tax Topics” which was one of the workshops to be made to accomplish a book project carried on by IFA Türkiye on the topic. During the workshop, the following papers titled as “Taxation of Services”, “Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments”,  and “Limits on the Use of Low-Tax Regimes By Multinational Businesses: Current Measures and Emerging Trends” were presented and discussed. The participants of the workshop contributed on the paper topics and highlighted the importance of cooperation between tax academics and tax practitioners.