‘Harmonisation of the Principles of Insurance Law in Europe’


Summary of the Project

Not: HOPINEU hakkında detaylı bilgi için, projenin İngilizce sayfasına bakınız.

Insurance is mentioned as a financial service under Chapter 9 of the EU acquis and the screening reports published in recent years on Türkiye require further legal arrangements and efforts on this sector to be made by the negotiating country. The proposed project HOPINEU (‘Harmonisation of the Principles of Insurance Law in Europe’) aims accordingly to offer a broad perspective to insurance teaching and research in Türkiye, by placing its focus on the European integration process and accordingly the approximation of Turkish law rules with the rules otherwise adopted in Europe. HOPINEU will provide a closer look to the instrument of the Principles of European Insurance Contract Law (PEICL) as a model law which will serve as a pioneer of comparison with Turkish law. The module is also designed to provide a broad and cross-disciplinary perspective to insurance law principles by zooming out and comparing the private international law rules, general contract law rules and public law concepts relevant to insurance contracts in the EU to those in place in Türkiye. The module promises to offer quality in teaching by adopting innovative teaching methods and by using online learning platforms so as to ensure student engagement to a greater extent. The current structure of the module is envisaged to provide students access to EU law principles and hence to promote internationalisation as well as knowledge on the European integration process. The Project team seeks to ensure the awareness of relevant stakeholders (legal professionals, consumer groups, insurance businesses, judiciary and policy makers etc.) as to the module and their active participation through the events organised, the module website, and the deliverables. The module overall promises to contribute to the quality of teaching and research on insurance law in Türkiye.