Sports For A Sustainable Future

Asst. Prof. Dr. Candan Yasan Tepetaş, LL.M.*

Att. Yaman Gürsel, LL.M. **

Not only is a trending issue spread all over social media, but the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”) also proves itself to be the most prominent topic of our daily life. Quite straightforwardly setting the goals at the heart of long-lasting societal problems, gender equality deserves the utmost attention. Almost globally, women’s rights have been overlooked for such long years, and it is only slightly more than a half-century that society started fighting against some major wrongdoings and undeniably tangible inequalities systematically deployed against women in every chapter of their life. Starting from early childhood, women are constantly exposed to discrimination, limitation, preclusion, and sometimes even to strict bans. Sports known to be universal see no color and bear no conditions, and yet it is hard to see women and men athletes on equal footing when it comes to issues of access and income. In this paper, we explore the developments regarding women’s involvement in sports with a special focus on football and shed light upon the achievements through the promotion of SDGs.

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Keywords: Sustainable Development Goals, Sports, Football, Gender Equality, Human Rights (Social and Economic Rights)

* İstanbul Bilgi University Law School, Department of Private International Law

** Fribourg University Law School, Ph.D. in Private Law Program